Moth Color Book EducationaL Child Craft Patterns

What is a Moth?

By definition, a moth is an insect closely related to the butterfly of the order Lepidoptera.

Most species of moth are nocturnal (active at night and sleep in the day). Moths usually have thick, feathery antennae.

When at rest, their wings fall open, either flat or tented over the body.

Parents and teachers may use these designs as patterns for wood work, embroidery or silk acreening works. For soft ornaments, trace the image onto multi colored foam sheets or cut out multiple patterns on different colored paper to mix and match for a colorful display. Laminate your favorite designs and use as place mats or cup holders or to decorate for parties and special occasions.

Printable Lepidoptera Color Book Moth Images

Actias selene
ndian Moon or Luna
Automeris aurantiaca
Brazilian Saturniid
Argema mittrei
Giant Comet
Euchromia elegantissima
Moth of Borneo
Saturnia Zuleika
Saturnia Zuleika
Attacus atlas
Giant Atlas
Coscinocera hercules
Hemaris thysbe
Hummingbird Clearwing
Acherontia lachesis
Death's Head
Hypercompe scribonia
Giant Leopard
Paranthrene robiniae
Western Poplar Clearwing
Alcides zodiaca
Arctia festiva
Hebe Tiger
Utetheisa pulchella
Crimson-speckled Flunkey