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Classifications and Family Ties

Butterflies and moths are classified under the scientific name Lepidoptera. Pronunciation "Leh-pih-DOP-ter-ra". The super family for true butterflies is called: Papilionoidea. There are three super families of butterflies, skippers, and moths. Over 180,000 species of Lepidoptera have been discovered in 128 families and 47 super families.

Super Family includes:

  • Satyridae
  • Pieridae
  • Papilionidae Lepidoptera
  • Ornithoptera Large Birdwing
  • Nymphalidae Brush-Footed Lepidoptera
  • Morphinae
  • Lycaenidae Gossamer-Winged
  • Heliconiinae
  • Danainae

Paper Butterfly and Moths

Use these butterfly and moth images to create lesson plans and other educational purposes. The illustrations in this web site are based upon photographs of actual butterflies and moths currently on display in museums and in historical reference material. These images are artist renditions, however, and are not intended to be scientifically accurate or drawn to scale representations.

satyridae mycalesis remulina butterflySatyridae Jezebel butterflyPieridae papilionidae iphiclides podalirius sail swallowtailPapilionidae
ornithoptera priamus common green birdwingOrnithoptera red lacewingNymphalidae morphinae morpho cyprisMorphinae
lycaenidae crowned hairstreakLycaenidae heliconiinae heliconius sara longwingHeliconiinae danainae idea leuconoe paper kite Danainae
moth utetheisa pulchella crimson speckled flunkeyMoths