Morphinae Butterfly Color Book Patterns for Crafts and Hobbies

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morphinae morpho cypris1200Morphinae Butterfly

Morphinae is a subfamily of Nymphalidae butterflies. The neotropical Morphinae family of butterflies includes the morphos and owl or Caligo butterflies.

They are often mistaken for moths because of their unique under wing patterns and erratic flight styles.

The Lepidoptera subfamily of Morphinae includes:


  • Aemona - The Dryads
  • Amathusia - The Palmkings
  • Amathuxidia - The Kohinoor
  • Discophora - The Duffers
  • Enispe - The Caliphs
  • Faunis - The Fauns
  • Sticopthalma - The Junglequeens
  • Thaumantis - The Jungleglories
  • Thauria - The Jungleking

Morphinae Butterfly Images