Slide Butterflies Heliconiinae

heliconiinae heliconius sara longwing1200Heliconiinae Butterfly

The Heliconiinae, or longwings, are a subfamily of the brush-footed butterflies in the Nymphalidae family of butterflies.

They are usually reddish and black with strong contrasting colors. They live mostly in the Tropics in South America, and feed on poisonous plants which makes these butterflies poisonous themselves!

The coloring of these poisonous butterflies serve as protection to warn off would-be predators.

Parents and teachers may use these designs as patterns for wood work, embroidery or silk screening works. For soft ornaments, trace the image onto multi colored foam sheets or cut out multiple patterns on different colored paper to mix and match for a colorful display. Laminate your favorite designs and use as place mats or cup holders or to decorate for parties and special occasions.

Heliconiinae Butterfly Images