Slide Butterflies Papilionidae

papilionidae iphiclides podalirius sail swallowtail1200Papilionidae Butterfly

Papilionidae is of the  family which consists of at least 550 species.

Many Papilionidae are large and colorful and easily recognizable by their contrasting colors, bright orange, yellow, red, green, or blue markings contrasted against iridescent dark blue, black, or green backgrounds.

The term swallowtail refers to a tail-like extension that appears on the hind wings of most, but not all Papilionidae butterflies.

Papilionidae Lepidoptera

Swallowtale butterflies are found all over the world except in worldwide except for the frozen Arctic region. The Giant Swallowtail is the largest butterfly in the U.S and Canada.