Mini-Butterfly Folding Snowflake Paper Craft Patterns

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001minibutterfliescomp1200Mini Butterflies

Print 4-per page paper butterfly snowflake patterns on regular white or colored paper. Cut out each mini-pattern along the solid lines. Fold resulting approximate 3 1/2" or 4" square in half, then in half again until all you see is the small pattern image.

Cut out all the grey areas. Use hole punch to make small circles where indicated by grey dots. Unfold and flatten the butterfly. The resulting butterfly will have 2 heads. Snip off the antenna from one end to give the butterfly a bottom.

Mini-Butterfly Snowflake Folding Patterns

Cut off the bottom paper strips from the pattern page, color and decorate with crayons or markers. Make paper chains and affix the butterflies to the chains and hang the decorations where they will be seen and enjoyed by all.